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Solar Inverters & PCU
MARS Online Solar PCU

“3 Phase, Zero Changeover
Suitable for All Resistive Loads”

Available in

● DSP based design Pure Sine wave, Built in rMPPT
charge controller.
● Thermal Protection.
● Maximum Preference to Solar Power.
● Ethernet based monitoring.
● Noiseless in Operation.
● Robust Design - 20 years Product life.
● Configurable Priority.
a) Solar/Battery/Grid
b) Solar/Grid/Battery
● AC and DC Parameter Configurable from LCD.
● AC-Output Voltage.
● DC- Charging Voltage Battery Charging Current,
Battery Low Cut/High Cut.
● High Surg Capability (up to 300%) for starting heavy load.
● High Efficiency & High Reliability.

Solar Charge Controllers
PWM (Solar Charge Controller)

Available in
10A & 20A

● Controller Based PWM Technology.
● Works Efficiently.
● LED/LCD Indication.
● Over Charging Current Protection.
● Over Charging Voltage Protection.
● Battery Reverse Protection.
● Overload Protection.
● SPV Reverse Polarity Protection.
● Reverse current flow from Battery Solar Array Protection.

Solar Inverters & PCU
SHAMSI (Solar Home PCU)

“Affordable Yet, Very Reliable”

Available in
675VA to 1475VA

● Maintain battery health for longer life.
● Modified Sine wave output.
● Built-in IT mode.
● Easy Installation & low maintenance.
● Best Regulated output.
● Battery Charging with Multi stage (Bulk, Absorption & Float)
Auto Equalize in a month.
● Protections : RBP, RSPV, OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV & ILV.
● Inbuilt PWM Solar Charge Controller.
● Priority Mode Selection
1) PCU 2) Hybrid 3) Smart
For Saving Energy & Money.
● Can Operated without Solar.
● LED Display for Operation & Fault.

Solar Inverters & PCU

“Affordable Home rMPPT PCU”

Available in

PCU Mode Priority - Solar/Battery/Grid
Smart Mode Priority - For Load - Grid/Solar/Battery
                                For Charging - Solar/Grid
Hybrid Mode Priority - For Day Time - Solar/Battery/Grid
                                For Night Time - Grid/Battery


● DSPic based Pure Sine Wave Design.
● Inbuilt in rMPPT charge controller
(30% more efficient).
● Maximum Power Preference to Solar.
● Extensive Electronic Protection.
● Digital LCD (16X2) Display.
● User Friendly Setting by LCD Switch. NLSD,
Grid Charging, IT Load Enable/Disable.
● Priority based working modes - Smart/PCU/Hybrid
(for saving energy & money).
● Reverse AC Voltage Protection.
● Robust design-20 yrs product life, 2-5 yrs of warranty.

Solar System
Solar Water Pumping System

A solar water pump system is essentially an electrical pump system in which the electricity is provided by one or several PhotoVoltaic (PV) panels. ... The water is often pumped from the ground or stream into a storage tank that provides a gravity feed, so energy storage is not needed for these systems.

Solar System
Street Light System

Solar street lights are a great way to use solar power. We can use solar street lights in a lot of places like
road light, garden lights and ground light etc. We can use solar street light in any kind of area whether it is
urban areas or rural area but is it mostly used in rural areas because electricity is very less in rural areas.

SIGMA+ Grid Export Solar PCU
Solar Inverters & PCU
SIGMA+ Grid Export Solar PCU

“A Smart PCU - Which Stores
as well as Exports Electricity”

Available in

● DSPic based Pure Sine Wave Design.
● Inbuilt in rMPPT charge controller (30% more efficient).
● Grid Interactive.
● Maximum Preference to Solar Power.
● USB based communication, 30 days data logs inbuilt and AC&
DC energy meter inbuilt.
● GSM/GPRS based remote monitoring & controlling (Optional).
● Certified by IEC 61683, 61727, 60529, 60068-2 (1,2,14,30) & 62116
● Robust Design-20 years product life, 2-5 yrs of warranty.
● User Friendly & Easily accessible LCD Display with all AC and DC
Parameter Configurable by Display Switches & Digital LCD (20X4).
● User Friendly Control :- Output Voltage, Chg. Voltage - SPV/Grid,
Chg. Current - SPV/Grid, Grid Reconnect, Batt. Low.
● Reverse AC Voltage Protection.
● Priority based working modes - Smart/PCU/Hybrid
(for saving energy & money).
● Grid Export Mode, NLSD, Grid Charging & IT Load - Enable/
Disable by Display Switch.

Solar System
On-Grid Systems

On grid solar systems are mainly used in areas where there is no light cut at all. This system is mainly used
in urban areas because the light cut is much higher in rural areas. On grid solar system is mainly used to
reduce electricity bills. Where the consumer can produce more power than he needs and send it to the
power board and can also be with drawn from the power board if needed. This solar system uses solar
panel solar inverter and net meter. The price of this solar system is much lower than the cost of other solar
systems, and apart from this, this solar system comes with maintenance zero.